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@ SquidEmpress I… think I went I crazy earlier...
(2015/10/13, 12:03)

@ SquidEmpress So StapleButter, would you like to see a cute girl… with a weapon in her hand?
(2015/10/13, 12:12)

@ SquidEmpress Maybe I should take the picture of myself in a bra.
(2015/10/13, 12:13)

@ SquidEmpress Or topless.
(2015/10/13, 12:14)

@ Swiftie Luma Never log in at this hour, otherwise you will read some crazy shit ... that's what they said ...
(2015/10/13, 12:55)


[23:44] <StapleButter> grab the girl
[23:44] <StapleButter> kiss her
[23:44] <StapleButter> fucking kiss her
[23:44] <StapleButter> feel her sweet lips

[23:44] <StapleButter> a hand in heir soft hair

[23:44] <StapleButter> the other hand holding your chocolate tablet

[23:44] <skawo> So
[23:45] <skawo> Where do you ride your fancy bike?
[23:45] <skawo> I don't, that's the point.
[23:45] <skawo> I don't bloody own one
[23:45] <StapleButter> put the girl on the tandem if you want
[23:45] <StapleButter> but don't kiss her while pedaling it
[23:45] <skawo> FUCK THE TANDEM
[23:45] <StapleButter> no
[23:45] <StapleButter> fuck the girl
[23:45] <skawo> Yes.


<CafeBot> Sprite 270's settings were edited by MrRean -- /spriteDB.php?e=270
<CafeBot> Sprite 270's settings were edited by MrRean -- /spriteDB.php?e=270
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<StapleButter> STOP
<CafeBot> Amp (#270) edited by Grop (Known, complete): /spriteDB.php?e=270
<StapleButter> NO
<CafeBot> Amp (#270) edited by Grop (Known, incomplete): /spriteDB.php?e=270
<StapleButter> NOOOO
* MrRean has kicked StapleButter from #rhcafe (yes)
<Grop> YES
* StapleButter (derp@ has joined
<StapleButter> fuck u
<Grop> No


[19:58] CamTro: GOD DAMN IT
[19:58] Twat Man: Camtro is butthurt, somebody call the waahhhmbulance.


* HackBoys has joined
<HackBoys> Hi, now give me all your money.
<MrRean> EVIL
<xKitten> I've known this for a while, why are you telling me now
<StapleButter> ban


[23:50] <KuriBot> New user: GamesWithIsaac - /?u=1108
[00:03] <StapleButter> nooooooooooooooooooooo
[00:48] * MercuryPenny is now known as MercuryPennaway
[00:49] <StapleButter> I don't want no pennaway
[00:57] <KuriBot> New user: John Cena - /?u=1109
[00:58] <MrRean> that is never good


[15:57] Sevrault: Lyrics:
[15:57] Disrespectful Dorf: SEVRAULT YOU MEANIE
[15:57] Thierry: nice lyrics
* Sevrault is still typing..


[16:05] Sevrault: Cya
[16:06] Sevrault: Hope you join staple's side
[16:06] LifeMushroom: Nah
[16:06] Sevrault: O comeon
[16:06] Thierry: *ahem* RVLution ppl. since we have a Discord group, let's circlejerk as SB says
[16:06] stapul: I'm not joining his side
[16:06] stapul: never
[16:06] Thierry: lol
[16:06] stapul: 'd rather die
[16:07] LifeMushroom: Yay!
[16:07] LifeMushroom: The more square jerking the better
[16:07] stapul: I prefer triangle jerking
[16:08] Thierry: too many polygons
[16:08] LifeMushroom: I prefer tetrahedron jerking.
[16:08] Python: Circles are the most boring kind of curve. How about hypotrochoidjerking?
[16:09] stapul: glfrz

[03:37] Starslayer: I agree with tmolter, Rean you should make one for the wiiu that would be awesome
[03:37] Starslayer: but try and make it a 3d worldmap editor
[03:37] Starslayer: kinda like the SMG editor, but for NSMBU worldmaps
[03:38] Starslayer: :P
[03:38] Primalus: or maybe it would be best to actually get people making levels before starting on world maps
[03:40] Starslayer: well, yeah, but thats already a thing
[03:40] Starslayer: making levels is a thing
[03:40] Primalus: but are people actually making nsmbu levels?
[03:40] tmolter: Theres already a NSMBU level editor
[03:41] Starslayer: calm down mr screamer
[03:41] Primalus: NO
[03:41] Starslayer: there is no need for freaking out
[03:42] Starslayer: ;)
[03:42] stapul: PRIMALUS SHUT UP
[03:42] stapul: :DD

[03:58] tmolter: Staple, are you going to say hi or not???
[03:58] stapul: hi
[03:58] Starslayer: :D
[03:59] stapul: there
[03:59] tmolter: No, on RHCafe i said hi to u there

[04:01] Starslayer: You know, I like this chat better when Staple is in it
[04:01] tmolter: Too bad hes a guest
[04:01] Starslayer: yeah
[04:01] Starslayer: well techs he could join at anytime
[04:02] Starslayer: you do you do that!!! why do you do that to me staple!!! WHYYY!!!!! :P
[04:02] stapul (guest): wat
[04:03] stapul (guest): consume voltmeters
[04:03] Starslayer: why does you nots get in the chat more oftens
[04:03] stapul (guest): I get in when I want
[04:03] stapul (guest): most of the times it's random crap, so eh
[04:03] stapul (guest): or sometimes it's suicide central
[04:04] Starslayer: Very true statement! (clap)
[04:04] stapul (guest): or "let's bash stapul" whenever I do something they don't like
[04:04] Starslayer: I stick up for you
[04:04] stapul (guest): lolz

[04:06] stapul (guest): blarg
[04:06] Starslayer: I wonder what its like to be admin? Staple whats it like?
[04:07] stapul (guest): very exciting
[04:07] stapul (guest): I get to ban people everyday
[04:07] stapul (guest): :DDDD

[04:07] stapul (guest): in all honesty, well, it's not really exciting or anything
[04:07] stapul (guest): there aren't things happening every day

[04:07] Primalus: bummer

[04:07] stapul (guest): a good board is a board where the staff doesn't do anything staff-related or almost

[04:08] stapul (guest): beyond taking decisions to enhance the board etc

[04:08] Starslayer: but tell me, do you take it fun to ban people?

[04:08] stapul (guest): depends on who I'm dealing with

[04:08] Primalus: sometimes, when I'm bored, i like to go through a list of banned users and see why they were banned

[04:08] Starslayer: ^^^^^

[04:08] saltypepper~'-': same

[04:08] *** stapul_ (guest) a joined la conversation. ***

[04:08] saltypepper~'-': sometimes i played left 4 dead

[04:08] stapul_ (guest): argl

[04:08] stapul_ (guest): fuck you backspace

[04:09] stapul_ (guest): was gonna say

[04:09] Primalus: whoa staple turned red

[04:09] stapul_ (guest): I hate it when idiots try to stand up for banned users without knowing the whole story

[04:09] Starslayer: I can just tell who puts the ban titles there, because every admin has their own adittude

[04:09] stapul_ (guest): OMG HE WAS UNFAIRLY BANNED!!!!! UNBAN HIM

[04:09] stapul_ (guest): and they try to start a riot or keep badgering you until you give up

[04:09] stapul_ (guest): (hint: I don't give up)

[04:10] Primalus: just ban the person who's being annoying or something. idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

[04:10] stapul_ (guest): yep

[04:10] stapul_ (guest): and this is one of the rare instances where I look at their PMs

[04:10] Starslayer: How many people do you get bashing you about someone when you ban them?

[04:10] stapul_ (guest): dunno

[04:10] stapul_ (guest): sometimes the rebel will try to take others with him

[04:10] stapul_ (guest): or make them move to a derpboard

[04:11] Starslayer: Usually my PM's to staple are just being nice to him :)

[04:11] Starslayer: if not all of them

[04:11] Starslayer: I honestly don't see whats so bad about you, your just doing your job, and doing it good

[04:12] Starslayer: if people don't follow rules, then bam, they are gone, thats all you do :) its not like you ban people on purpose

[04:12] Primalus: but he does ban them on purpose?

[04:13] Starslayer: Ummmm, who told you that

[04:13] ReanyBoi: bans are always on purpose

[04:13] ReanyBoi: the reasons can be either accidental or on purpose

[04:13] Starslayer: well, true, but I mean, like he doesn't go around banning people like crazy for no reason

[04:14] tmolter: If someone was banned for fun, i think that staff member would be removed

[04:14] Starslayer: ^

[04:14] Starslayer: I would think so as well

[04:14] stapul_ (guest): I never ban 'for fun'

[04:15] Starslayer: actually, rean, have you ever removed any staff

[04:15] tmolter: I didnt think u did even tho some people said u did

[04:15] Starslayer: have you removed staff staple?

[04:16] saltypepper~'-': By banned for fun, do you mean just because the user can or just as a little joke once in a while?

[04:16] stapul_ (guest): no

[04:17] stapul_ (guest): beyond demoting inactive staff at K64

[04:17] Starslayer: ah, has Rean done it?

[04:18] stapul_ (guest): ask him

[04:18] stapul_ (guest): Reanyderp

[04:18] stapul_ (guest): reply!

[04:18] Starslayer: I did ask him, but he didnt answer :)

[04:18] tmolter: Guess he aint on

[04:19] stapul_ (guest): he's taking a shit

[04:19] Starslayer: ^

[04:19] tmolter: And how do u know

[04:19] ReanyBoi: *SHOWER

[04:19] tmolter: XD XD XD

[04:19] stapul_ (guest): I know, that's all

[04:19] stapul_ (guest): that's my admin sense

[04:19] ReanyBoi: my admin sense says to remove you

[04:19] ReanyBoi: stapulbut

[04:20] Starslayer: anyways, Rean

[04:20] Starslayer: ?

[04:20] ReanyBoi: ut

[04:20] ReanyBoi: wut

[04:20] Starslayer: Have you had to remove any staff from RVL for being asshats?

[04:20] ReanyBoi: no

[04:20] Starslayer: ah :P

[04:21] ReanyBoi: I may be labled as a local mod on RVL but I have a lot more perms than people think

[04:21] ReanyBoi: I have admin panel access and shit

[04:21] Starslayer: Awesome!!!!

[04:21] stapul_ (guest): Reany your admin sense is crap

[04:21] stapul_ (guest): that's why you're not an admin

[04:21] Starslayer: xD

[04:21] *** ReanyBoi kicked stapul (guest) from this group. ***

[04:21] stapul_ (guest): :D

[04:21] ReanyBoi: wait, there's 2?

[04:21] ReanyBoi: fuck

[04:21] *** ReanyBoi kicked stapul_ (guest) from this group. ***

[04:21] ReanyBoi: done

[04:21] *** stapul (guest) joined the conversation. ***

[04:22] stapul (guest): urgl

[04:22] ReanyBoi: love you baby

[04:22] tmolter: Lol

[04:22] Starslayer: Haha!

[04:22] CamTro: I

[04:22] CamTro: need

[04:22] CamTro: love.

[04:22] stapul (guest): abuse

[04:22] stapul (guest): :o

[04:22] CamTro: FAIL

[04:22] ReanyBoi: not abuse

[04:22] ReanyBoi: love

[04:22] CamTro: >:)


<KuriBot> MrRean is a dick who keeps changing IPs


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<skawo> TEH JOURNY
<NewerBot> New reply by MrRean: new super mario bros wii,: journy to the vecrolands (NSMBW Hack Projects) -- /post/107533/
<NewerBot> New reply by Skawo: new super mario bros wii,: journy to the vecrolands (NSMBW Hack Projects) -- /post/107534/
<MrRean> shitballs
<MrRean> you get my point!
<NewerBot> New reply by StapleButter: new super mario bros wii,: journy to the vecrolands (NSMBW Hack Projects) -- /post/107535/
<StapleButter> shitball yourself
<StapleButter> how dare you

~ intermission ~

<StapleButter> consume voltmeters
<Thierry> very healthy
<StapleButter> yes
<CPie_> consume ammeters instead
<StapleButter> no
<Marionumber1> Consume multimeters
<StapleButter> no, those aren't cool enough


<StapleButter> bus ibérique
<skawo> always with the buses
<skawo> always
<skawo> for fuck's sake did your dream job involve driving a truck delivering buses to the bus country on planet bus
<StapleButter> how'd you find
<StapleButter> anyway
<skawo> or is it some insane fetish for computer interfaces
<StapleButter> vélo ibérique
<StapleButter> skateboard ibérique
<NewerBot> New reply by vecronatt: new super mario bros wii,: journy to the vecrolands (NSMBW Hack Projects) -- /post/107536/
<StapleButter> NewerBot ibérique
<skawo> Eat shit, ibérique
<StapleButter> I should rename my server
<StapleButter> server ibérique
<StapleButter> or serveur ibérique
<skawo> severus ibérique
<StapleButter> ban ibérique
* skawo has changed the topic to: .:: Join the RVLution :: http://RVLution.net :: http://newerteam.com :: Welcome to RVLution 4.20432! :: Special Guest: StapleButter; official ibérique
<StapleButter> Fort Boyard ibérique
<Thierry> [00:06:54] CreativiPie_: what’s so funny about péninsule ibérique
<StapleButter> Thierry ibérique



<NewerBot> New reply by CamTro: RVLution Town Square #4 (RVLution Plaza)

<Thierry> holy shit
<StapleButter> miaou
<StapleButter> abo.wanaderp.fr
<Thierry> Every time I check my ancient logs I cringe
<Thierry> I was retarded
<Thierry> ...actually, no
<Thierry> I was a total genius
<StapleButter> do you have a 80+ rereg history on some board?
<Thierry> Nope. How about you?
<StapleButter> yes
<Thierry> Interesting. Which board, kuribo64? are all users actually reregs of you?)
<StapleButter> Jul
<StapleButter> although yeah Kuribo64 is mostly reregs too
<StapleButter> hey, we had to make it active to attract people :DD
<Thierry> Stop hiding it, MrRean is a dupe of you. You ALWAYS agree with eachother. KuriBot is the only legit person on IRC
<Thierry> As for the other bots.. also you.
<StapleButter> indeed
<StapleButter> KuriBot is a Chinese employee
<StapleButter> very hardworking btw
<StapleButter> never misses a post


<Thierry> @KuriBot Do you ever feel like taking a nap? y/n
<KuriBot> Thierry: Yes.
<KuriBot> zurp
<NinaBot> Thierry: No.
<Thierry> Okay, you just both answer
<StapleButter> NinaBot shut up, noone asked you to reply
<NinaBot> StapleButter: Error: 404
<StapleButter> also you're an idiot


[02:45] Primalus: twitter what the actual fuck
[02:47] saltypepper: I am dead inside.
[02:47] Primalus: whats wrong?
[02:47] saltypepper: huh?
[02:47] saltypepper: oh that's my reaction to twitter
[02:47] Primalus: oh lol
[02:47] Primalus: i already forgot
[02:48] saltypepper: do you have a 2 minute memory span?
[02:48] Primalus: i am goldfish
[02:48] Ika thierree: who are you again?

[02:49] Primalus: see how bad my memory is?
[02:49] saltypepper: What's a memory?
[02:49] ReanyBoi: wai
[02:49] Primalus: idek anymore
[02:49] Ika thierree: who knows
[02:49] saltypepper: Do you mean memeory?
[02:49] ReanyBoi: who the fuck are you people
[02:49] Ika thierree: ooh
[02:50] Ika thierree: dunno
[02:50] Primalus: what the fuck is this thing that I'm hitting with my fingers
[02:50] saltypepper: your hands?
[02:50] Primalus: MY FINGERS
[02:50] Primalus: wait what
[02:50] Ika thierree: you have keyboard-sized fingers
[02:50] Ika thierree: what's a keyboard again
[02:51] Primalus: what even
[02:51] saltypepper: a keyboard
[02:51] saltypepper: hmmm
[02:51] saltypepper: what if i put a key on a board game?


* TMolter (Mibbit@bdnk-6190acee.sub-70-198-77.myvzw.com) has joined
* Starslayer (Mibbit@bdnk-69f1187d.ca.comcast.net) has joined
<TMolter> No
<TMolter> Why
<Starslayer> Yes
<Starslayer> Boop
<TMolter> Maybe
<Starslayer> Boop
<Starslayer> Boop
<Starslayer> So
<TMolter> So...
<Starslayer> HOW IS THY TODI
<TMolter> Thee is doingth wellith
<Starslayer> pop goes the tommmy
<TMolter> Tommy is ded
<Thierry> sad
<TMolter> Don't lie
<Thierry> okay
* Thierry throws a party
<StapleButter> wtf


<StapleButter> 16bit: little endian = 0xBBAA, big endian = 0xAABB
<MrRean> 0xFF00 for this part
<StapleButter> 0xFF would be 8bit, which, uh, doesn't change
<TMolter> But how special am I?
<StapleButter> zero
<Starslayer> Verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry special
<TMolter> :D
<MrRean> so, it will always be zero
<TMolter> Staple wins
<MrRean> but what I don't get is, a value of a and 5 return 0
<MrRean> 0 returns 0
<MrRean> but the one with 0 shows up, but the other 2 don't.
<Starslayer> what is this code talk?
<TMolter> Yeah, brcause 0 = 0
<TMolter> Black Magic
<Starslayer> ^
<MrRean> smh on this one
<TMolter> So, how is everyone doing?
<Starslayer> good, how are you, special friend
<MrRean> # r0 = r11 >> 28
<TMolter> Very special
<Starslayer> ^
<Starslayer> me
<Thierry> two talks going on at once
<TMolter> Where?
<Thierry> right there
<MrRean> # r0 = r11 >> 14
* MrRean runs
<TMolter> Oh, silly me
<Starslayer> No ReanyBoi, dont run away!
<MrRean> oh shit.
<MrRean> fuck.
<Starslayer> well then
<MrRean> 0x02 is the little endian
<MrRean> if I'm swapping
<MrRean> it should be 0x0200
<Starslayer> ahhhhhhhhh MrRean, your exploding my tiny brain
<TMolter> Guys... I need to confess something
<TMolter> Well, yesterday... my mom called my a zerpshy derpshy
<TMolter> And idk what to do
<Starslayer> that made you even more special than you were before! CONGRATS KID!
<MrRean> 10 is a fun one too
<Starslayer> ^
<TMolter> Mr. Rean?
<Starslayer> MrRean, you should learn from my special friend, you can too be my special friend
* MrRean sets mode +m on #RVLution
<MrRean> now
<MrRean> # r0 = r11 >> 28
<MrRean> endiness is f u n
* TMolter has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
* Starslayer has quit (Quit: http://www.mibbit.com ajax IRC Client)
<Thierry> lolz

* MrRean sets mode -m on #RVLution
<Thierry> tru that

* Now talking on #RVLution
<StapleButter> zibar
<Thierry> berp
<StapleButter> ziberp.
<StapleButter> what the fuck, Google Translate.
<StapleButter> I enter cccccccccccccccccccc
<StapleButter> it suggests me ccccccccccccccccccccc
<skawo> burerp
<StapleButter> bureau
<StapleButter> type ztghg, it suggests ztgh
<StapleButter> Google, why can't you let me type garbage without suggesting different garbage
<StapleButter> atleast try to suggest actual words, dammit
<skawo> KREPRL
<skawo> I must say
<skawo> I find your choice of entertainment to be rather interesting
<skawo> Banging your head on the keyboard and inserting the resulting nonsense into a translator is definitely not something I'd choose to do on a Sunday afternoon
<StapleButter> what would you do, then?
<StapleButter> it's the perfect day for that
<skawo> why
<skawo> I'd bang by /knee/ on the keyboard, of course
<skawo> my*
<StapleButter> ok
<StapleButter> thanks
<StapleButter> and well
<StapleButter> you can't do that on Saturday
<StapleButter> because it's the Fort Boyard day
<skawo> Does Fort Boyard have an anti-knee policy?
<StapleButter> no
<StapleButter> but you don't type crap while watching it
<NewerBot> New reply by Skawo: bus ibérique: the thread -- /post/110772/
<MercuryPenny> 10/10

<NewerBot> New reply by Primalus: bus ibérique: the thread -- /post/110799/
<skawo> lol
<skawo> StapleButter, what have you done

- 10 minutes gap -

<StapleButter> things
<skawo> Ah
<skawo> Of course.
<StapleButter> I have unleashed the power of bus ibérique over RVLution
<skawo> the pandora's bus
<StapleButter> yea
<StapleButter> the bus of death, the bus of war and the bus ibérique
<skawo> The Universal Cereal Bus

- #nsmbhd, later -

<Thierry> NinaBot doesn't report posts edits
<NinaBot> Thierry: Error: 404
<Thierry> Are you lazy? y/n
<NinaBot> Thierry: Yes.
<Thierry> That explains.

<StapleButter> NinaBot is an idiot
<NinaBot> StapleButter: Error: 404
<StapleButter> see. he's a broken record
<Berkian> oi
<Berkian> hi
<Thierry> oy
<Thierry> hi
<StapleButter> hi
<StapleButter> consume Napoleon
<Thierry> voltmeters aren't cool anymore?
<StapleButter> you can consume them too.

- back on #rvlution -

<StapleButter> also
<StapleButter> don't consume voltmeters
<skawo> No, do, just in case
<skawo> If the voltmeter per square parsec exceed the critical limit
<StapleButter> no. this particular situation requires that you consume no voltmeters
<skawo> StapleButter might violently explode, which would cause Fort Boyard to spill all over the universe
<StapleButter> I will refrain from asploding
<StapleButter> I promise!!
<skawo> neu
<StapleButter> :(
<StapleButter> the voltmeter amount is well under the limit right now, though
<skawo> Yeah, but you're going to open factories just so it isn't
<StapleButter> I don't have enough funds to open factories

<skawo> Also;
<skawo> Bloody
<skawo> Fucking
<skawo> Buggering
<skawo> Hell
<skawo> Gotta
<skawo> Reset
<skawo> The
<skawo> Fucking
<skawo> Router
<skawo> Again
<skawo> %#@%!%@46

* Nin (4844834b@m-c.clients.kiwiirc.com) has joined
<Nin> Hey there folks
<Nin> I'm trying out this new thing where I host my own websites and try not to get bored with projects I work on
<Nin> I think it's working but idk
<StapleButter> good luck.
<Nin> Site I've created runs on Byehost sadly, due to no funding from me (I have like $17 but no idea how to get the money into PayPal or something)
<StapleButter> mail it to Paypal? :DD
<StapleButter> nah dunno
<StapleButter> you'll likely need a bank account
<Nin> Something I also don't have
<Nin> ...great
<Nin> But eh, the site works for what I intend it to do
<Nin> Which is mainly a place to host my Garbage
<StapleButter> ok

* Will is now known as WillfullyIgnorant
<WillfullyIgnorant> please make Skiaak admin
<WillfullyIgnorant> she's nowhere near as much of a dictator as skaywo is
<WillfullyIgnorant> (plus it'd be funny to watch)
<skawo> I barely do anything on the board
<skawo> I'd be a rather shitty dictator
<WillfullyIgnorant> you have power or something
<Thierry> posting is being a dictator
<WillfullyIgnorant> and it's not a democracy
<Thierry> you are qualified
<WillfullyIgnorant> oh i'm a dictator, yeay.
<Sevrault> we are all qualified
<Thierry> not you, you're ignorant
<Sevrault> fuck
<StapleButter> propreupfffeu
<Thierry> I love the timings

<StapleButter> can't fucking leave the blinds semi-open
<StapleButter> it has to fucking rain inside
<Wilderp> gj.

<StapleButter> not only is the weather here shitty as usual, but it's fucking directed against my window
<skawo> I like shitty weather
<StapleButter> I don't
<skawo> and I hope it reaches me
<skawo> for rain
<StapleButter> I'm heading south
<skawo> is the best thing
<skawo> You're welcome
<Sevrault> have fun in africa I guess
<skawo> I heard Antarctica is a true resort
<skawo> Can't go much southerer than that
<StapleButter> not that far south
<StapleButter> :P
<Wilderp> except space.
<skawo> Alright
<skawo> Sahara Desert then
<skawo> You will definitely not have to worry
<skawo> about rain in your blinds
<Wilderp> how about
<Wilderp> san fransisco
<skawo> Alternately, if the temperatures are still not extreme enough, we can recommend such locations as Venus or the Sun
<StapleButter> I'd rather stay on Earth
<Sevrault> I thought Mercury was hotter
<skawo> It isn't.
<StapleButter> I don't think they have internet on Venus yet
<Sevrault> than venus I mean
<Wilderp> venus is
<Sevrault> ah
<StapleButter> or if they do
<StapleButter> it'll have terrible lag
<Sevrault> or
<skawo> Carbon Dioxide ensures Venus is hotter than Mercury
<Sevrault> if it doesn't lag
<StapleButter> unless you're contacting a Venusian server, but most of the servers are on Earth
<Wilderp> Internet is a necessity.
<StapleButter> the Venusian servers are all boring, too
<skawo> youtube.vu
<skawo> just extended footage of fire
<skawo> 24/7
<StapleButter> all there is on the Venusian youtube is rover footage
<StapleButter> digging rocks
<StapleButter> and mixing them with chemical shit
<skawo> there has not been a venus rover
<StapleButter> whatever
<skawo> it is physically too hot for equipment like that to stay there
<StapleButter> they put it in a fridge
<StapleButter> so it stays cold enough
<skawo> ... I see.
<Sevrault> just give it ice cubes and it'll be fine
<StapleButter> those tend to be instantly vaporized
<Sevrault> ik
<Sevrault> anything there will be vaporized :p
<Sevrault> but
<Sevrault> WHAT IF
* Sevrault is shot between the eyes
<Thierry> Nice aliens
<skawo> Yeah
<skawo> They'd have to be hardcore fucking aliens to survive in 460 Celsius

<StapleButter> derp
<skawo> StapleButter
<skawo> Be more eloquent
<skawo> dérp
<StapleButter> dèrp
<skawo> Okay
<skawo> Now
<skawo> dérp~

* StapleButter gives channel operator status to Thierry zlakergirl357
* skawo removes channel operator status from ant888 iZackefx Mariomaster_ Meorge Stomatol zlakergirl357 Thierry John10v10
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo removes channel operator status from John10v10
<StapleButter> sorry sir
<StapleButter> but this is how RVLution staff works
<StapleButter> it's wild west
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo removes channel operator status from John10v10
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo removes channel operator status from John10v10
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo removes channel operator status from John10v10
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo removes channel operator status from John10v10
* StapleButter gives channel operator status to John10v10
* skawo has kicked John10v10 from #RVLution (Come back when StapleButter stops being a cretin)
<StapleButter> +1
<StapleButter> who do I pick next
* skawo removes channel operator status from StapleButter
* ChanServ gives channel operator status to StapleButter

* MercuryPenny (ary@bdnk-24934341.res.rr.com) has joined
<StapleButter> hello
<MercuryPenny> ayy
<skawo> wayyy
<StapleButter> awayyyy
<iZackefx> gayyyy
<StapleButter> zayyyyy
<iZackefx> sayyyy
<StapleButter> ¤ayyyyyyyy
<iZackefx> nay
<StapleButter> )ay
<iZackefx> ^ay
* StapleButter gives voice to Thierry

* skawo has quit (Connection closed)
<OrangeDude> off he goes~
<StapleButter> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_i4t5BNV1KE
<MercuryPenny> mods are asleep
<MercuryPenny> spam memes
<StapleButter> nobody to keep the non-legit staff from fucking things up~

<StapleButter> "it's OK if you monetize but I demand 95% of your profits"
<skawo> lol
<skawo> We should have done that with WRTP
<skawo> and other such channels
<skawo> they probs gained thousands on Newer
<skawo> Of course we'd get C&D'd immediately
<StapleButter> keep it discrete :P
<StapleButter> like, ask them to send you beer instead of payments
<skawo> I don't want beer though
<skawo> it's fucking disgusting
<StapleButter> something else then
<StapleButter> (and yeah)
<StapleButter> or
<StapleButter> sell the beer
<StapleButter> get the money back and maybe more
<skawo> Yes
<skawo> I'm sure I'd get a lot of buyers for shortly-going-out-of-date american beer
<StapleButter> settle near a club and sell them there
<StapleButter> for those who didn't get a chance to get somewhat drunk before entering
<StapleButter> make it expensive but less expensive than in the club
<StapleButter> don't settle too near or the club guards might notice you
<skawo> łał
<skawo> You should be a war general with strategies like that
<StapleButter> totally
<StapleButter> "don't go near the enemy, they might shoot you down"

<StapleButter> hi
<skawo> I got a DSi for 5$
<skawo> It had 300 pictures of absolute mess in the memory
<skawo> also the battery was bulging and I got scared it was going to explode
<StapleButter> oh, that
<StapleButter> have an old PocketPC that has that too
<StapleButter> don't remember what makes it happen though
<skawo> the battery actually causes the DS not to turn on
<StapleButter> oh. zerp
<skawo> I had to remove it to get it to work
<skawo> and the charging port is completely broken
<skawo> So I had to spend additional 10 bucks on a charger port and battery
<skawo> :l
<StapleButter> oh. zerpo
<Thierry> Well, it was 5$ for a legit reason
<skawo> Yeh.
<skawo> I could solder in an USB connector instead
<skawo> But it wouldn't turn out without the battery anyway, so, merp
<skawo> turn on*
<StapleButter> and they use stupid voltages anyway
<StapleButter> like 3.17V
<skawo> 4.6V
<skawo> USB is 5V
<skawo> That's close enough
<StapleButter> yeah... might work
<StapleButter> considering proper power supply shit regulates input voltage
<skawo> Well, yeah
<skawo> But again
<skawo> can't turn it on without the battery anyway
<skawo> unfortunately
* h2643 has quit (Quit: Ухожу я от вас (xchat 2.4.5 или старше))
<StapleButter> yea
<StapleButter> but
<StapleButter> charger power goes into the battery, then battery power goes into the system
<StapleButter> so, if charger power is regulated before going in the battery, 5V might work
<StapleButter> or it might asplode the battery
<skawo> It does
* iZackefx (Mibbit@70496E.16493D.2FB47C.847880) has joined
<skawo> 0.4V?
<skawo> neh
<skawo> Well, either way
<skawo> I won't be doing it
<skawo> I ordered a proper charger port
<skawo> Just will have to destroy the old one to desolder it
<skawo> 'cuz I don't have the equipment to deal with surface mount shit
<StapleButter> it's already crapoed anyway, so go nuts
<StapleButter> just don't destroy the PCB traces
<skawo> I'll try
<skawo> I guess I'll cut it in half first
<skawo> And then I can sell it for magical profits
<skawo> like
<skawo> 20$
<StapleButter> lolz
<skawo> except I probably won;t
<skawo> Because I don't have a DSi
<skawo> I like how it's like a DS Lite that doesn't collect fingerprints from all over the known universe
<StapleButter> means you can use it to murder someone and not go to jail
<StapleButter> convenient
<skawo> No, it just means you don't have to wipe it off every 0.5femtoseconds because it looks like a greasy monkey danced all over it
<Grop> You can't even measure femtoseconds
<Grop> Even computers can't
<skawo> That's why it's a joke
<StapleButter> Grop powaaaaaa
<skawo> pointless exaggeration is the way for free comedy

[20:41] @ Gericom: I wonder if I could mod my gamepad to output louder sound
[20:53] @ SGC: I can hear my gamepad from my room, all the way into the kitchen.

[12:35:53] <AileenLumina> you could give tables like posts and such a load-in animation
[12:36:30] <RoadrunnerWMC> But posts don't load in
[12:36:36] <RoadrunnerWMC> It's not an infinite-scrolling website
[12:36:50] <AileenLumina> thank god for that
[12:36:56] <StapleButter> and I will murder whoever makes it infinite scrolling
[12:37:05] <StapleButter> violently.
[12:37:07] <AileenLumina> I meant when loading the website
[12:37:08] * RoadrunnerWMC makes it infinite scrolling just to see what Staple does
[12:37:29] * StapleButter murders RoadrunnerWMC. violently.

[15:24:07] SnakeBlock: listen
[15:24:12] SnakeBlock: nsmb2 recycles a shitton of music
[15:24:15] Thierry: ik
[15:24:15] SnakeBlock: some are the same with bahps
[15:24:19] Thierry: ik
[15:24:20] SnakeBlock: some are remixed with the only instrument being bahps
[15:24:23] Thierry: ik
[15:24:27] SnakeBlock: so
[15:24:28] SnakeBlock: it should be called
[15:24:29] SnakeBlock: new super
[15:24:30] SnakeBlock: BAHP
[15:24:31] SnakeBlock: bros
[15:24:31] SnakeBlock: 2
[15:24:34] Thierry: ik
[15:24:37] SnakeBlock: and
[15:24:38] SnakeBlock: potato
[15:24:40] Thierry: no
[15:24:43] SnakeBlock: wow
[15:24:52] Thierry: ikr

[18:15:26] * Now talking on #kuribo64
[18:15:26] * Topic for #kuribo64 is: Welcome to Kuribo64's IRC | Forums: http://kuribo64.net/board/ | melonDS master race | blargcity is migrationatified
[18:25:59] <StapleButter> also, I have a brand new signature
[18:26:00] <StapleButter> :P
[18:27:32] <Thierry> will check in a sec
[18:27:51] <Thierry> nowadays super-toad says everything is ugh
[18:27:56] <Thierry> MY PARENTS ARE UGH
[18:27:59] <Thierry> MY LIFE IS UGH
[18:28:01] <StapleButter> that's not new
[18:28:08] <Thierry> ACMLMBOARD IS UGH
[18:28:47] <StapleButter> communism

[18:29:13] <Thierry> nice quote
[18:40:58] <KuriBot> New reply by normalstar (Relaxland: What's the weirdest dream you've had? (3060) (+382)) - /?p=81658
[18:49:03] <Nina> Ugh.
[18:49:24] <Thierry> Ugh?
[18:56:21] <Nina> Ugh!
[18:56:33] <Schezo[L]> I will forever associate that word to a certain idiot
[19:01:30] * Schezo[L] looks at the backlog
[19:01:35] <Schezo[L]> oh
[19:01:52] <Schezo[L]> I'm dumb :v
[19:13:43] <Nina> Someone posted on reddit that the Switch Pro controller does work on PC
[19:14:24] <Nina> I was gonna buy it eventually, but now I think I might pre-order it
[19:48:09] * Mariomaster has quit (Client closed the connection)
[20:38:28] * Elemi has quit (Client closed the connection)
[21:30:34] * Disconnected (Connection reset by peer)

[21:30:52] * Now talking on #kuribo64
[21:33:21] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Who's getting the Switch on friday? :)
[21:34:33] <StapleButter> oh hey
[21:34:36] <StapleButter> like my new sig?
[21:35:56] <Nina> Me
[21:36:10] <Nina> I pre-ordered it immediately after the presentation
[21:36:19] <StapleButter> dunno. not a big gamer
[21:37:21] <Nina> I don't really play many games either, but when I do it's usually Nintendo games or indie games on Steam
[21:37:46] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> @Nina Oh really? Nice! ;)
[21:38:00] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Also.
[21:38:01] <Thierry> Not gonna preorder it. I plan to fight my way through the store to buy it :)
[21:38:31] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> I thought you said you pre-ordered it? lol
[21:38:51] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Oh and also,
[21:39:02] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> <StapleButter> like my new sig?
[21:39:05] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> What sig?
[21:39:15] <StapleButter> on Kuribo64
[21:41:20] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> ...Cool.
[21:47:15] <Nina> I hope my Switch actually shows up on Friday...
[21:47:26] <Nina> WOuld suck having to wait the whole weekend
[21:48:19] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Where do you live now?
[21:48:41] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> And what country.
[21:48:53] <Nina> I live in Denmark.
[21:49:07] <Thierry> Thank you.
[21:49:15] <Thierry> I'll show up at your door by tomorrow
[21:49:37] <Nina> Okay :)
[21:49:59] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Hmm.
[21:50:10] <StapleButter> beware, SmithJrBlaquaLuigi knows where you live.
[21:50:14] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> March 3 will be release on worldwide
[21:50:28] <Nina> Yes
[21:50:32] <Thierry> No
[21:50:37] <Thierry> it's propaganda
[21:50:58] <StapleButter> he knows where you live!!!
[21:51:02] <StapleButter> so better kiss his foot
[21:51:08] <StapleButter> or he will tell you where you live
[21:51:13] <StapleButter> and you will be shocked to death!!!!!!
[21:51:16] <Nina> Oh shit
[21:51:16] <StapleButter> you don't want that!!!!
[21:51:24] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> What is a propaganda, exactly?
[21:51:46] <Thierry> your mom
[21:51:54] <SmithJrBlaquaLuigi> Indeed.
[21:52:08] <StapleButter> I guess they don't learn about that yet at elementary school
[21:52:10] <StapleButter> I don't remember